Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zapping Loving

Something that no one is free and we must fight relentlessly and according to him, arises because people have high expectations of marriage and when he sees that the problems begin tend to want to drop it and many times looking for other people.

The problem is that this way of relating surface causes us deep dissatisfaction , and that man needs a solid ground on which to build his home and dreams.

If we are always flowing from one relationship to the next, the feeling of being constantly can overwhelm beginning to become skeptical about love . Why is this and what is the solution? .

Our civilization of desire, hedonistic , destroys feelings. It's a generational trait , the less masculine , this enormous difficulty of spending the rest of your life with the same person. It is as if the world was organized in such a way that prevents you from loving you.

Maybe because love is too subversive , it is certain that between pleasure and happiness pushes people to choose the former. We live in the era of loving zapping . We consume many products constantly , and it also leads people to consume .

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