Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why bother ?

One of the things I've learned lately is to not bother . I realized I really did not win anything , and if I lose a lot with the fact do . In the end, also upset the other person , pass an unpleasant moment and end just pass me .

I think something more useful is to learn to manage conflict , I'm not saying there are not to be passive , quiet and not say anything and let you go over , but on the contrary , doubly keen to really know how to act in those uncomfortable situations so as to take advantage of them and get what you want to convey to effect change in the other person .

This helps a lot the content and form of our message , sometimes a matter of saying things but with a different intonation , no offense to the person, but the act did , in this way, gaining strength our position is better received . But people are not talking about behaviors, and the distinction is crucial.

It is not the same as saying you've done wrong, documenting this claim , to judge you as a bad person . Not just observe behavior and draw conclusions in light of irrefutable facts and figures , which focus on a series of disqualifications surface .

Another sage advice I received is that one should not rebuke you feel the outrage at the offense. - Wait for the next day, or even longer. - And then , calm and purified intention, be sure to reprimand . 'You'll get more with a kind word with three hours of fighting.

We must learn to be content with whatever comes, and especially to maintain serenity , as if, despite having put all the effort to come out somehow things did not turn out in the end , it is because God knows why does the things , and sent the more we agree .

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