Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What life has taught you ?

Life has taught me that human beings (or at least I) want certainties and life is uncertainty. We want things to be a certain way and we find it hard to accept that things are as they are , not as we do we want to be .

That in life you have to take risks , you do not know how things will turn out we take ... but if not we risk we will not know ... that there are two options, or I will you play or not the you play . In short , life taught me that it is better to befriend the idea that in life there are no certainties , securities, because if you don't friends with the idea just arrested ... without living in fear of who knows what. "

Another reviewer mentioned that he had learned is to live with a clear conscience , is still in the process of cleaning. And I think that's a constant.

What why I ask these questions ? Because the mere fact raise them yourself makes you think. Now feelings are fashionable and good, but people feel and feel and act solely guided by that and think nothing at the end .

It is worth going through this question , and that is recognized as an idiot because he thinks that life has taught him little, not, on the contrary, has the humility to recognize as it is, and knowing that it has a long way learn.

A fast and free advice , beware of those who do not question their successes or worse, those who do not appreciate and feel superior for achieving them.

 Part of the maturity of a person is questioning the why of things and of their actions, because that will allow you to amend the road when you have to, and not believing it too when you've reached the unreachable so that you can continue to use the opportunities that gives life with humility and simplicity .

Trains passed only once in life, usually take passengers awake and cautious you are willing to ask questions and cross-examine really be worth it .

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