Friday, March 1, 2013

Do You Have the Personality of Leaders ?

It often times we hear the words "Are you a leader?" But we do not really understand these words in depth. Strong personality or a fun personality or someone was dumb and so forth. In fact we sometimes say that a person has no personality at all.

So what's the personality?

Personality is the small portions of the special character interaction continuity condition us to behave in different ways. Below are some properties that reflect the personality of a leader.

1. Simplicity

People who have charisma are usually modest and humble. The proud are always a failure. In the group of people who have never tried charismatic draw attention to the road to boast talent and character, or by showing off the excess.

2. Have the ability to Listen to Others

Several years ago, a magazine that became a crowd favorite organizing the race. The set adaptations of readers words of wisdom relating to philosophy or spiritual issues in 25 words or more. A reader expressed aphorisms as follows: "People who talk about themselves are drab, they were talking about someone else is gossip, but they are talking about you is a brilliant speaker". It's true that if you want to be noticed or have traction then you have to learn how to encourage others to express themselves to you.

3. Having self-confidence and assertiveness

Such a shame that hit is a must in the management of its use. Sometimes should be ashamed and sometimes think it should be removed. The shame is natural but if excessive is unnatural and very detrimental. That person will not have the charisma excessive shyness, and if they ever have so we have to use it appropriately.

4. Having the ability to act decisively

This means that we should not put off what needs to be done. Be honest: Do you admire people who can not make decisions, people always look back and forth, people who have a pile of unfinished work that should have been done weeks ago? oh no answer.

5. Appreciate your appointment

Is it obvious? you may be surprised at how many people do not appreciate what they promise. Are you talking about the promise of a less significant or important? An appointment is always important, it means if you promised to lend something to your friend? or you promised to marry her boyfriend? You will be judged based on time to fulfill your promise. People who are charismatic people who you can trust.

6. Appreciate Yourself

Be careful! self-respect does not mean you have to look like President Barack Obama or a famous artist Madonna. Beauty itself has nothing to do with one's attractiveness. Do not forget that. President Roosevelt was someone with a disability, according to historical records, as well as Queen Elizabeth I had never won a beauty contest. Many people do not have a large influence an attractive physical appearance. To respect yourself and you have to accept your physical deficiencies that can not be cured, but you have to take a lot of good out of the situation.

Some of the above properties are properties that need to be built so that you can become a person of interest. You can also read inspirational stories: Tired of Living on the basis that support the above properties. Hope can be your reference for the more advanced.